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The new layout is sooo cool THANKS TOM!!! I love playing lots of games in wide screen :D

Ahhh another good pic, and soz about the audio delay, there was a bit of trouble AGAIN with copywrite...

I like the new layout what about you?

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2009-05-26 06:03:25 by RandomPicDaily

Edited this post so there is an actual something on here :D have great stuff, from the creator of Cyanide and Happiness I thought I might give a link because it is a another NG'er :D

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I have the license agreements for the song now, it will be in my audio very soon!!!!!

I HAVE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the difference between a microwave and a Gay man??
The microwave won't brown ur sausage
Seriously eggs killed my cat, he choked..............

WTF?!?!?? HOW COULD YOU EGGS!!!!.....u were my friend..

Im waiting 4 an email!!!

2009-05-23 02:18:07 by RandomPicDaily

Don is gonna email me soon, hopefully he'll say yes!! (Read previous post)
his email read,

Hey -my name- (I like to keep my name secret for now) I'll think about it but why??
RE: I wanna put it on NG for them to hear it if they haven't could produce publicity, ey?
RE RE: I guess but your already a Dj why would ya wanna put shit on there if you get paid already.....
RE RE RE: Dunno just for fun I guess, give me your msn so we can chat I'm getting sick of stupid e-mails...
They were the EXACT words from my inbox no alteration except 4 my name
3 hours later he gets an msn account he had a yahoo before......
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: Alrighty I'm on now, waddaya want
DDD2TTT: I wanna put our song on (me)
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: y
DDD2TTT: Just cos its a cool song and I wanna be known for........ something
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: Ummm I dunno
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: Let me think about it I'll email you
DDD2TTT: ummm I did make half of it....... I should get well....... sumthin
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: Yea but I have all the legal rights and shit to go through, its all bs
DDD2TTT: I had to go thru them too
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: Yea but uu don't tour th world, Im more famous than yous :@
DDD2TTT: Grrrr, I wasn't known then,I am NOW!! plus you can only download samples of the song on NG
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: THATS WORSE!!!!
D0n Th3 maaaan :D: LISTEN like I said Ill think about it it probably will be yes seen as you DO have paart ownership of it
DDD2TTT: ok then :P

We talked about something else then but that is the exact words off of msn too

So I might get it on NG hopefully I will heres a pic!!!! :D

this is fuuuuny :D

Im waiting 4 an email!!!

Anutha funny pic!!!

2009-05-22 00:33:54 by RandomPicDaily

I almost forgot to tell you, I have met some famous people thanks to my career as a DJ
I have met Don rimini, Blutonium Boy and Binaerpilot, I did meet Chris lilly once but by accident :P

Don is really a gentleman and he pays for just about everything, we made a song it is the remix of
the Bust-a-Move by Young MC if I get his permission I might put it on here!!!

Blutonium Boy is also a gentleman but he has alot of things to do so I see him only here and there and we haven't made anything but I'm trying to push him to do a Now your Gone Remix with me :D

Binaerpilot is a bit of a..... well jackass, sorry mate but you do some CRAZYshit, some of the things he probably wouldn't want me to name but he did eat dog shit for $50 once, ewww!! We made a mix of popcorn by hot butter same thing if I get his permission I'll put it up on NG!!

I didn't really meet Chris I just had a small talk to him but he is soooo cool, he does everything like he is in a Comedy he is just rreeeaaallly cool!!!!

And thats all the famous people I have met!!! Tell me if you have met anyone famous, or would like to, If I could meet Will Ferrel I would faint ^^ And there are some NG people I would wanna see like, Appsro and The-Swain..... maybe rtil..

I found ANOTHER freaky pic of cartoons :P Mr Burns this time!!!

Anutha funny pic!!!

I have some goals.....

2009-05-21 04:29:11 by RandomPicDaily

Medal and music goals

Music I don't really care about, I get payed enough as is but I wanna finish my NG promo in under a week!!!


6000+ points before I release my new audio :P DONE IT!!!!
7000+ points "" ""
8000+ points, before I die ;)

Mario!?!?!?? MARIO!!!!!!

I have some goals.....


2009-05-20 01:20:32 by RandomPicDaily
He has nearly every medal!! AND is there a medal scoreboard, just to see who has the most, if not him...... and noone like my music I got 1 vote :P and 7views T^T but all is not bad at least it is on NG now :D

Ain't even COLD in that poncho!!!


You read right my audio is finally here :D YEEEESSS!!! Is only a promo the full should be done in a week or so

My MUZIK!!! It's here....!!!

Some sites say there is, some say there isn't but is there cheats for thing thing arena 3 (the one with the medals) and how do you activate them Ive tried looooads of times...........

Stewie?? ALIEN!?!?!??

Can I get some info..... really appreciated :)