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IMMA LEAVIN NG (want my account??)

2009-08-11 11:42:38 by RandomPicDaily

Just to make it official Im leaving Newgrounds but you can have my account Ill pm you my password and all that shit
Its got a decent amount of Blam/Saves pretty good level and A shitload of medals (SOME WERE FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
So yea that it BYE NEWGROUNDS T^T
You're too fucking boring and being invaded by assholes :P


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2009-08-11 11:44:50

You were a useless tool and a faggot. No one wants you here.

RandomPicDaily responds:

Did more than you asshole ^-^
Im glad ur faggot face will never talk to me again :D